Jim Guthrie in his Drift Race Car driving sideways, with tires smoking

Manufacturers' Warranty

We are primarily resellers of Manufacturers parts and equipment. Most of the goods come with the Manufacturer's limited warranty on ONLY the part(s) and/or equipment.

Davis Motorsports LLC and GoRacin.com

Davis Motorsports LLC and our online store, GoRacin.com, and associated entities Does Not Have, Give or Grant Any Warranty, Expressed or Implied, Oral or Written, Beyond any Warranty of the Manufacturer.

Additional Warranty Information

If you require additional warranty information, we direct you to contact the Manufacturer. That information should be available on their website. If you need assistance reaching them directly, we can gladly furnish that contact information.

Warranty Returns

Should you have a warranty issue, please contact us, before making a return. Some Manufacturers prefer the goods to be returned to them directly. And some require prior approval for the acceptance of warranty returns.

Warranty Questions

If you have any question before purchasing or installing parts and/or equipment, contact us.



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