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COOLSHIRT Systems Complete Film/FX System


CoolShirt 's FX 2Cool Compression Shirt was specifically designed for those of you performing in costume. the Complete FX Kit features everything you need to Be Cool, In Costume. The 6QT MobileCool 1 cooler is light weight, portable and runs on a rechargeable 7 hour lithium battery, to keep you cool, comfortable and focused on your performance! Also included: 4' supply hose, Endurance Ice, batter charge and  maintenance solution....

COOLSHIRT Systems Complete Club System


 COOLSHIRT Systems® Club System is the most versatile kit on the market!. Featuring the 'traditional" cool water shirt, cotton, short sleeved and available in Black, White or White Hooded.The Cooling Engine is hard sided with your choice of 13QT or 19Qt capacities. Designed to run on 12V automotive power, the 19QT cooler can chill up to 6 hours with Block Ice!  Insulated water supply hose are 8' long.  Be Cool, Be Your Best!...

COOLSHIRT Systems Std 6 Person Cooling Rehab Station


CoolShirt's Complete 6 Person Standard  Station can Cool and/or Rehab up to 6 people at one time! An Ice Water based cooling engine boasts a cooling time of 3-4 hours! It comes with 6 insulated water hoses and 6 Active Aqua Vests to bring as many people's core body temperature back to safe levels or provide the cooling for up to six to keep them performing at their best, while in high heat environments! Be Cool and Give your Best Performance!

COOLSHIRT Garments, Cool Water Shirts, Vests & Pants Disposable Vests & Ponchos


 COOLSHIRT® Systems FX 2Cool Compression water shirt was designed to specifically address the needs of everyone performing in costume!  The traditional Coolshirt, available in Black White and Hooded has proven beneficial across the Film/FX Industry. The Active Aqua Vest & Rehab Ponchos serve dual purposes of Cooling & Rehabbing all those working in harsh temperatures to perform ...

COOLSHIRT Cooling Engines, Single or 6 Person, Cool/Rehab, Battery or 110V


 COOLSHIRT® Industrial Cooling Engines (coolers) are available in variety of sizes and configurations. Some run on 110V, others on 12V with optional 7.4V lithium batteries. CoolShirt offers several individual coolers, MobileCool 1 & 2 soft sided coolers, BP2 BackPak, WP1 waist belted and a Single Industrial Cooler, that is as tough as your work! High Output Industrial Grade Coolers Rehab/Cool 6 people...

COOLSHIRT Accessories, Temp Control, Mounting Tray, Hoses & Endurance Ice Paks

COOLSHIRT Accessories, temperature Control switch, Endurance ice, mounting tray & strap, hoses

You can customize your COOLSHIRT products, so they  work the Best for your Needs. Temperature Control Switches for the Club and, allow you to control the flow of cold water, dialing in your comfort & maximizing cooling duration. Endurance Ice Packs will enhance water cooling with safe leak proof packaging. While a light weight mounting tray & strap will easily secures your Cooler & Contents. Hoses are available in...