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COOLSHIRT Systems, Complete Club System, 13 or 19 Quart

CoolShirt Club System Motorsports cooling kit. Cool water shirt, ice based cooling engine & hose.

The Club System is the most popular choice for Motorsports applications. Available in 13QT or 19QT sizes, it runs on 12V and is about the size of a 6 pack cooler. A favorite among SCCA, NASA, & PCA drivers, as well endurance series ChumpCar and Lemons. Compact, Versatile and accepts all Cool Water Shirts & Vests, the Club System is also widely used in Oval racing, Off Road, Drag Racing & Formula Car...

COOLSHIRT Systems Complete Drag Pack System, Portable


 COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its new DRAGPACK System to help drivers go straight faster! Designed for Drag racers specifically, this complete kit comes with the newly designed DRAGPACK ice based cooler system, an Active Aqua Vest, an 8 ft insulated hose, and a 7 hr. lithium battery with charger. Reaction times alone can be reduced by as much as 20% with only a 2% loss in hydration...

COOLSHIRT Systems Complete Rally System, for 2 Users

Coolshirt motorsport Rally System. Complete kit fr driver and co-driver. 2 water cooled shirts.

 In most serious racing efforts weight and space are at a premium. CoolShirt's Rally System for 2 now offers a single cooling system that provides for both a Driver and Co-Driver in one unit. Having one system for two people saves you weight and space while cooling the racers down, so they can focus on the course and not the temperature.  The Rally System for 2 is available in either a 13 or 19QT hard sided Club Cooler....

COOLSHIRT Systems, Cool Water Shirts & Vests, Black, White & Hooded

COOLSHIRT systems, cool suits, cool water shirts, vest, hooded,black, white,temperature controller.

 The COOLSHIRT®,cool water shirt, cool suit, contains approximately 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing securely stitched on the front and back of the shirt. It is connected to a compact CoolShirt cooling engine via insulated hose (sold separately) with safety release, quick, dry disconnects. The cooling unit contains ice, water and an internal pump that supplies cool water to COOLSHIRT® as it covers up to 40% of the body.... 

COOLSHIRT Cooling Engines, Hard Sided & Soft Pack Coolers, 12V or Portable Battery

CoolShirt Systems, cooling engines, cooler,  Club Cooler, kart cooler, Mobile Cool 1, drag pack kit.

 COOLSHIRT® Cooling Engines (coolers) are available in variety of sizes and configurations. Most run on 12V, some with optional 7.4V rechargeable lithium batteries. while the large 6 and 12 person systems run on 110V.

The most popular racing application is the hard sided CoolShirt Club Cooler in 13QT or 19QT capacities. It is the best solution in race cars, boats & airplanes that have enough room for a cooler, that is roughly the size of a battery box...

COOLSHIRT Accessories, Temp Control, Mounting Tray & Insulated Hoses

COOLSHIRT Racing Accessories, temperature Control switch, Endurance ice, mounting tray, strap, hoses

you can enhance your COOLSHIRT products so they work the Best for you specific Needs. Temperature Control Switches for both the Club and Pro Air & Water coolers, allow you to adjust the flow of cold water/air to your desired comfort level & maximize cooling duration. Endurance Ice Packs will enhance water cooling with safe leak proof packaging. While a light weight mounting tray & strap will easily secure your Cooler & Contents!