Complete CoolShirt Systems, Coolers, Shirts & Accessories

COOLSHIRT Systems, Complete Club System, 13 or 19 Quart

CoolShirt Systems Club system  with cooler, hose and cool ater shirt

The most popular Personal Cooling System. The cooling engine is available in 13qt or 19qt capacity, runs on 12V and is about the size of a 6 pack cooler. A favorite among First Responders, Fire & Rescue, Forest Service and HAZMAT Teams. Compact, Versatile and accepts all Cool Water Shirts & Vests, the Club System is also widely used where 12V is available but constant A/C is not and a life saver travels to/from active scenes...

COOLSHIRT Systems First Responders MobileCool System

Coolshirt Systems First Responder  personal Cooling system

 COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its new First Responder MobileCool System to give personnel an efficient cooling package, that is lightweight, battery powered and totally portable.The soft sided cooler is an ice based system. Includes a Cool Water Vest, an 8 ft insulated hose, and a 7 hr. lithium battery with charger. Compact enough to carry, put in a motorcycle saddle bag, ATV rack or the back of a horse...

COOLSHIRT Systems Complete 6 Person Cooling Rehab Station

CoolShirt systems 6 person cooling station, for cooling or rapid rehab

CoolShirt's Industrial Grade Cooling & Rehab Station. Complete with Active Water Vests and insulated hoses, this is 75 quart heavy duty system will cool or rehab up to 6 people at one time. Forest fire fighters needing rehab, SWAT teams chilling in route to their location, or reviving a group of stranded hikers, this is unit to have. Field tested by firefighters in real working situations, it earned their approval...

COOLSHIRT Garments, Cool Water Shirts & Vests, Rapid Rehab Vests & Ponchos

CoolShirt cool water garments, shirts, vests, rehab gown and vests. Maintain safe body core temps

 The COOLSHIRT®, offer a variety of cool water garment for First Responders. The tradition Cool Shirt in white or black can be worn under uniforms and safety/rescue gear.The Active Aqua Vest provides the same cooling but can be taken on and off with great ease.Rehab vests/poncho reusable and disposable can bring vital rehab to workers and victims alike.

Garments equipped with safety quick release connectors...

COOLSHIRT Cooling Engines, Hard Sided, Soft Pak, 12V, Battery or 110V


 COOLSHIRT® Cooling Engines (coolers) are available in variety of sizes and configurations. Most run on 12V, some with optional 7.4V rechargeable lithium batteries. while the large 6  person systems run on 110V.

The most popular application is the hard sided CLUB cooler in 13qt or 19qt capacities. It is the best solution in vehicle, boats, airplanes that have enough room for a cooler that is roughly the size of a battery box...

COOLSHIRT Accessories, Temp Control, Mounting Tray, Hoses & Endurance Ice Paks

COOLSHIRT Accessories, temperature Control switch, Endurance ice, mounting tray & strap, hoses

You can customize your COOLSHIRT products, so they  work the Best for your Needs. Temperature Control Switches for the Club and, allow you to control the flow of cold water, dialing in your comfort & maximizing cooling duration. Endurance Ice Packs will enhance water cooling with safe leak proof packaging. While a light weight mounting tray & strap will easily secures your Cooler & Contents. Hoses are available in several lengths....