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Technology is Cool!

  • Technology from NASA's research led to their development of liquid cooled garments for Apollo missions.
  • In 1987 COOLSHIRT Systems designed their first product; a water cooled vest to cool Surgeons under the hot lights in the OR. 
  • CoolShirt Systems further expanded product Technology, Convenience & Affordability to ultimately deliver Heat Relief to anyone in Elevated to Extreme heat environments.
  • Offering a variety of Complete Systems, Garments, Cooling Engines along with an assortment of Accessories, there is a COOLSHIRT Solution for you to Beat the Heat!
  • Heat Fatigue is only 2-3 degrees from Heat Stroke. And Heat Stroke is only Minutes from Permanent Brain Damage & Death. So, maintaining a safe body core temperature is more than degrees of comfort!

What Cool Water Shirt System is Right for Me?

  • Or relationship with Coolshirt grew over the decades because of its expanding popularity in the motorsports market. Coolshirt has been extremely innovative in developing new garments, cooling engines and accessories to not only serve motorsports enthusiasts but First Responders, Medical, and Industrial customers.
  • Today, it is harder to find a application where CoolShirt's Technoloy does not resolve a heat related problem, than to find ather where it works. Everyone can benefit from a CoolShirt product. And So, we have expanded our CoolShirt product lines to serve the ever growing and varied customer calls.
  • To help determine which system is right for you, we have outlined the 6 most popular user groups for COOLSHIRT systems and their most widely used applications below. 
  • Within each division, you can substitute, add or delete garments, cooling engines and accessories to better fit your specific needs. 
  • You can also choose your components a la carte, and have a totally custom system!

How Temperature Controlled Garments Work

COOLSHIRT Temperature Controlled Garments are designed to maintain or quickly return core body temperatures to normal levels, reducing heat induced fatigue and the mental & physical error that it causes. It cools the body and allows it to radiate it’s heat, thus reducing the risk of heat stroke. 

Here’s how it works:  THE SHIRT: COOLSHIRT® contains approximately 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing securely stitched on the front and back of the shirt. It is connected to a compact cooling unit via insulated hose with quick, dry disconnects. The cooling unit contains ice, water and an internal pump that supplies cool water to COOLSHIRT® as it covers up to 40% of the body.

Why the Shirt works so well: The temperature-controlled cool water provided by the

cooling unit to the COOLSHIRT® is between 50 and 65 degrees. Studies have proven that cool water will transfer body heat 28 times faster than cool air. This allows faster, more efficient maintenance of the body’s optimum core temperature.

Constant Use: Constant, ongoing use of COOLSHIRT® Personal Cooling Systems during

strenuous activity and in high temperature environments will help PREVENT heat fatigue

& heat stroke and help maintain the body’s core temperature at normal levels during use.

On-Demand Use: In situations where ongoing use of COOLSHIRT® is not an option, it does an excellent job of quickly relieving heat-induced fatigue and helping to prevent heat stroke. COOLSHIRT® can be worn comfortably for long periods of time and quickly connected and disconnected to the cooling unit as needed. COOLSHIRT® will return the body’s core temperature to normal levels within minutes. Pit Crews, football players, firefighters, industrial and hazmat workers all benefit from the quick heat relief that the COOLSHIRT® provides.


Motorsports Cool Water Shirts & COOLSHIRT Systems

Race car driver, pictured in drivers seat

With the wide variety of  Water Cooled Garments (Shirts, Pants, Vests & Rapid Rehab), Cooling Engines, and Accessories, we have a CoolShirt Solution to help you Beat the Heat!  If you compete on the Land, Sea or Air, COOLSHIRT Systems  can  reduce your core body temperature & increase your Physical & Mental Performance! Choose from several complete systems, purchase items separately or build your own system. Not Only For Drivers, Navigators, Trottlemen, Crew, Fans but Safety Workers, Officials & Event Personnel.

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First Responders Personal & Rehab COOLSHIRT Systems

Fireman in full gear, responding to an emergency with Fire truck in background

Arriving on scene, weighed down with personal safety & rescue gear, to rush into an environment that threatens life & property, Cooling Down your body temperature can help you perform Safer, Longer & Better!  Choose from individual Cooling Systems, Group Rehab Systems, as well as individual Rapid Rehab Vests and Ponchos. Options include several Complete Packaged Systems with the ability to add Garments, Cooling Engines and accessories to meet your specific needs!

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Industrial COOLSHIRT Water Cooled Garments

Picture of welder in full welding mask, gloves and suit

Welders, Painters, Fabricators along with Heavy Equipment Operators down to Mining Personnel & Construction Site Workers find themselves working in highly elevated temperatures Every Day! Beyond Preventing Heat Stroke, Cool Water Shirt Systems can reduce your core body temperature to reduce exhaustion and fatigue while increasing stamina and performance. COOLSHIRT Systems offers a variety of Individual and Multi-person Complete Systems, as well as separate garments, coolers & accessories!  

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COOLSHIRT Film/FX Kit 2COOL FX Water Shirt


From the hot lights of Hollywood Studios, on location in the Blazing Desert, to the Stunt Driver crashing & burning, being COOL will keep you at your BEST!  The COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS Film/FX division has cooling products for virtually everyone involved with the FILM/TV industry, from local productions all the way to Hollywood blockbusters. To satisfy the demands of the Film Industry, COOLSHIRT Systems has introduced a Complete Film/FX System, featuring a newly designed 2COOL FX compression shirt for those of you in Costume. The System has many applications well beyond film production, including Team Mascots, Halftime Performers, Theme Park Characters & anyone dealing with the confines of a Costume & the need to Perform!

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Surgeons Beat the Heat with COOLSHIRTs in the OR

Doctors operating in OR under bright light and operating gowns & masks

Under Intense Lights, Intense Pressure, and Gowned Up, COOLSHIRT Systems delivers Heat Relief into the OR. CoolVest and CoolShirt temperature controlled garments allow you to choose the most comfortable solution. You can select from several SAFETEMP Liquid Temperature Control Systems or Singe & Dual CoolVest Systems. The availability of Garments (shirts & vests)  Cooling Engines & Accessories allow you to customize a system for your specific situation!  Maximizing mobility and convenience, with systems from the  COOLVEST Lite Complete System to the most aggressive cooling (and warming) of the Exclusive SAFE TEMP Systems, the Technology is Here Today to bring Heat Relief to your OR!

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COOLSHIRT Products Earn MSF Endorsement


COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is proud to be partnered with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and have its official endorsement of the following products to support the need. COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS products are reliable, more durable than any competitor. COOLSHIRT has developed 3 portable cooling engines for individual use. The MobileCool is portable soft bag, available in 6qt or 12 qt capacities. The MobileCool BP2 optimizes portability and convenience, worn like a back pack. And the MobileCool WP1, worn around the waist, offers the user the portability needed to continue normal work functions, without being restricted to a power outlet. Add the garment of your choice, and you have a HEAT RELIEF System.

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