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COOLSHIRT Systems Complete CoolVest Lite System


Its no wonder that COOLSHIRT continues to offer innovative cooling systems for Surgeons. Afterall, the first product they launched in 1987 was a cooling vest for Surgeons. The CoolVest Lite System offers OR cooling on a budget. The complete system comes with Active Aqua Vest, 8' supply hose & a 12 litre cooler with a green DOT hospital plug. Now UL 60601.1 listed & Certified for use in all OR’s Nationally...

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COOLSHIRT Systems Complete Std CoolVest System


 COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its Std COOLVEST System. This systems features the lightweight, full waist Premium CoolVest, made with hospital grade ventilated nylon, with up to 65' of patented, thin wall, non-kink tubing for maximum cooling! The non drip connector hosing will prevent spraying of water in the OR during connection and disconnection. A handy cart safely stores & moves cooler & hoses....

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COOLSHIRT Systems Complete SAFE TEMP Liquid Cooled System


CoolShirt's SAFE TEMP liquid temperature control systems offers the most aggressive cooling and warming, with a simple touch of the Temperature Touch Pad! Complete with medical grade ground fault plug, heavy duty medical grade wheels, locking in rear, this high tech liquid temperature controlled system is constructed in the USA to the high standards of reliability and durability expected in an OR...

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COOLSHIRT Garments, Cool Water Shirts, CoolVests, Disposable Vests & Ponchos


 COOLSHIRT® Systems offers a variety of cooling garments for the medical field. Above all, is the  CoolVest (with or without hood) specifically designed to satisfy the needs of Surgeons and OR personnel. Made with hospital grade, ventilated nylon for maximum cooling comfort. latex free and durable for OR use. The CoolVest is compatible with CoolShirt cooling engines, with non drip connectors designed to eliminate water spray in the OR... 

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COOLSHIRT Cooling Engines,Single/Multi, Water, Liquid Cooled, Battery & 110V

Coolshirt Medical cooling engines, single or dual users, 6 person  rehab, SAFE Temp Cooler

 COOLSHIRT® Medical Cooling Engines (coolers) are available in variety of sizes and configurations. Most run on 110V, some with optional 7.4V rechargeable lithium batteries. The most popular Medical application is the CoolVest, 12 liter, cooling engine. It is designed specifically for Surgeons and related OR use, Now UL 60601.1 listed & Certified for use in all OR’s Nationally. The most innovative engine is the SAFE TEMP liquid ...    

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COOLSHIRT Accessories, Temp Control, Mounting Tray, Hoses & Endurance Ice Paks

COOLSHIRT Accessories, temperature Control switch, Endurance ice, mounting tray & strap, hoses

You can customize your COOLSHIRT products, so they  work the Best for your Needs. Temperature Control Switches for the Club and, allow you to control the flow of cold water, dialing in your comfort & maximizing cooling duration. Endurance Ice Packs will enhance water cooling with safe leak proof packaging. While a light weight mounting tray & strap will easily secures your Cooler & Contents. Hoses are available in several....

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