Free Shipping  orders :

ONLY Free if shipped within the contiguous United States; continental U.S.

Method of delivery will be "ground shipping" by the carrier of our choice. Most orders will ship FedEx or UPS Ground

Does not apply to any expedited method of Shipping.

Expedited Shipping  orders:

If you require any form of express shipping, Overnight,  2 Day  or 3 Day Express, please contact us and we work to satisfy your needs, before placing an order.

International Shipping  orders:

Please contact us in advance of all international orders. Depending on the country, there can be many factors, besides the actual shipping, to be factored in.

We are committed to compliment our performance products with performance service. So that, you get What you want, Where it should go, When you need it.  Click on the Contact Page, Call the telephone number in the Header & Footer, use the method you prefer to reach us and we promise to do our best to satisfy your needs!